Kjetil's Information Center: A Blog About My Projects

Year: 2021

Commodore PC 20-III CGA Composite
Arduino Z80 CPU Tester
FAT16 File Extraction
XP MCE Keyboard on Raspberry Pi Zero W
Fujitsu FKB8530 Keyboard Repair
Linux System on a Floppy
Tandon TM9362 Data Recovery
Amiga 500 with the Framemeister
Z80 CP/M 2.2 Emulator
Retrobright Experiment
Terminal Mode Commodore 64 Emulator
FreeRTOS support for GR-SAKURA
Multiplayer Tank Game
DVB-T USB Stick Playback
Space Ship Simulator in OpenGL
Turning Frog VL6180 Upgrade
USB IR REMOCON Firmware Replacement
USB Relay Control Simplified