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Topic: Scripts and Code

64-Bit Number Conversion Tool
ADCQ1706 USB Oscilloscope
Airline Management Simulator
Alarm Clock in Perl/Tk
Arduino Z80 CPU Tester
AVR Alarm Clock
Base64 Decoder and Encoder
Binary Dumping Tool
Binary Patching Tools
BMP Header Info
Boot Record Dump
Booting DOS from PS/2 BASIC
Byte Value Visualization
Colorized Character Dumper
CP/M-68K for Motorola 68332
Cracker for XOR-Encrypted Binary Files
CRLF to LF Converter
Cue Sheet Splitter
Curses Snow Crash
D64 PRG Dumper
Directory Tree Diff
DOS Keyboard Fix TSR
DOS Serial File Transfer
DTMF Sound Generator
Duplicate File Finder
Duplicate File Remover
DVD Batch Copying
Epson HX-20 Micro-Cassette Data Recovery
Epson HX-20 Terminal Program
Epson HX-20 Video Player
EXIF Remover
FAT16 File Extraction
File Batch Splitter
File Renaming Using an Editor
File Shuffler
Filename Sanitizer
FLAC Tagging Helper
FLAC to MP3 Conversion
GR-KURUMI Writer for Linux
HTML Calendar Generator
ID3 Tools
Image Scaler Script
Indexed String Search
Katakana to ASCII Converter
Kermit for CP/M-68K
Kermit in x86 Assembly
Leetspeak Converter
LUKS Hidden by FAT32
Mastermind in Curses
Monitoring File Open in a Directory
Monospaced 11x10 Font
Motivational Poster Generator
MP3 Cutting Tool
MP3 Splitting Tool
Multi-threaded Password Hasher
Number Conversion Tool
Old Curses Game
Perl YouTube Fetcher
Permutations by Swapping
Plaintext Steganography
PNG Header Info
Process Dispatcher
Python DNS Proxy
Python Image Viewer
Python Internet Radio Manager
Python Menu System
Python Web Proxy
Racing Game in Curses
Random Line Filter
Recursive Binary String Search
Recursive FTP Download with Python
Recursive String Search
Recursive String Search Bugfix
Recursive String Search Improved
Rename by Reference
Reverse Shell with ICMP Trigger
Reverse SSH Tunnel Launcher
Reverse SSH Tunnel Listener
RPN FPU Calculator
Serial Port Floppy Drive Emulation
Sharp IQ-7100M Linux Link
Shift Encryption Filter
Simple Curses Menu
Simple Expression Parsing
Simple File Selector in Curses
Snake in Curses
Space Ship Simulator in OpenGL
SSD1306 PBM Viewer
SSD1306 Wi-Fi Status
Steam Status on LCD
Storage Chart
Substitution Cipher Cryptanalysis
Temperature Monitor in Perl/Tk
True Filename Listing
Turning Frog VL6180 Upgrade
URL Decoder and Encoder
USB IR REMOCON Firmware Replacement
USB Relay Control Simplified
USB-CAN Analyzer Linux Support
XSPF Coverage and Duplication Check
XSPF Coverage Dump
XSPF Integrity Check
XT-IDE Loaded from Fake VBR