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Topic: Configuration

4096 Byte Sector Mount
Amiga 500 with the Framemeister
Amilo L7300 Tweaks
Aspire One D250 Tweaks
Bluray on Slackware
Buildroot for 486
Buildroot for KVM Guest
Commodore 64 Game Cheats
Commodore 64 RS-232 Interface
Compaq Deskpro XL 5133 with Red Hat 5.2
Dell 2005FPW Display Resolution Fix
Deus Ex vblank fix.
DOS Game Cheats
DVB-T USB Stick Playback
Easy File Selection
Easy Kernel Upgrade
Fluxbox Styles
GR-KURUMI Makefiles for Linux
Japanese Input on Slackware
Libvirt for KVM Guest
Linux Distribution for 386SX
Linux Distribution for LOADLIN
Linux System on a Floppy
M.I.A. in Wine
Motorola BDM Debugger in DOS QEMU
OpenTTD music files in other formats.
OpenVPN Setup for Android
Outlaws in Wine
Renesas GCC Toolchains
Renesas GCC Toolchains Update
Send and Receive files with Netcat
SGI Indigo2 Network Boot
Slackware 14.2 on a USB-stick
Slackware on a USB-stick
SPEA Graphiti Painter 3
Static PDCurses with MinGW
Steam on Slackware 14.2
TCP proxy with Netcat
Toshiba Satellite Pro 410CDT Tweaks
TrueType fonts in Linux.
VPN Through SSH Tunnel
X Terminal Directory Hack
XP MCE Keyboard on Raspberry Pi Zero W