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Morse Input

I got this strange idea of using a telegraph key to input characters to the computer, after inheriting such a key from my grandfather.

So I made a SDL based program to try it out. SDL makes it easy to display a kind of oscilloscope screen to show the incoming pulses, and also generate a simple tone for "realism". The actual signal input can be provided in two ways, either by just hitting space or by using an actual telegraph key connected as a switch between the CTS and RTS signals on a RS-232 serial port! The program attempts to convert the incoming pulses using some timing rules, into characters that are output on standard out.

Here is the source code released under a MIT lisence.

Here is a screenshot of the SDL "oscilloscope":

Morse Oscilloscope

This is the ancient telegraph key that I used:

Morse Key

Topic: Open Source, by Kjetil @ 03/08-2013, Article Link