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One-Time Pad Communicator

In times of overwhelming paranoia and government conspiracies, secure communications is vital. I have made a ncurses based communication program that utilizes one-time pads to encrypt textual communication transferred over a TCP/IP network (like the Internet). The program is simply named "otp".

As long as the pads contain totally random data, and they are transferred safely, it is impossible to crack the encryption by eavesdropping on the communication.

For the system to be secure, the pads should be transferred on physical medium like a CD or a USB pen-drive instead of over the network. They should also be disposed of after use.

A screenshot of the program in action:

One-Time Pad Communicator screenshot

I have released the source code under the GNU GPL version 3, and it can be downloaded here. You will need the ncurses library in order to compile it (as usual :-) ). I have only tested the program on Linux, but it should be compilable on most POSIX platforms I believe.

More detailed information can be found in the README file in the archive.

If you do not trust this program, (For all you know, I could be a sinister government agent.) you are free to look at the source code to verify its functions, and possibly correct them. That's the beauty of open source.

Topic: Open Source, by Kjetil @ 18/11-2007, Article Link