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Easy Kernel Upgrade

Here are the steps needed to compile a new Linux kernel (2.6.x or 3.x) on recent Slackware versions, based on the configuration of the old (running) kernel. Assuming a new kernel has been downloaded and unpacked into /usr/src, proceed like this:

# Become the super user:

# Move into the standard source(s) location:
cd /usr/src

# Remove old symlink:
rm linux

# Create new symlink:
# (Replace X.X.XX with whatever was downloaded.)
ln -s linux-X.X.XX linux

# Move into new kernel:
cd linux

# Copy old kernel configuration from running kernel:
cat /proc/config.gz | gunzip > .config

# Use old .config to make a new one:
# (Just press enter on all the questions to use defaults.)
make oldconfig

# Compile the kernel:

# Compile the modules:
make modules

# Install the modules:
# (Will be placed under /lib/modules/X.X.XX/)
make modules_install

# Install the kernel:
# (Everything is done automatically, including update of LILO!)
make install

# Reboot to load the new kernel:

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