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M80 Framework

A long time ago I found an old DOS application on scavenged 386-based computer. The name of the application was "Micro 80", and it was meant to be (I think) some kind of small-business CRM system. I liked the interface the application was using and decided to recreate it on Linux using the ncurses terminal handling library. The result is "M80".

The M80 Framework is made up of a "main framework manager" which is the executable file and a lot of modules that are shared libraries/objects. The modules are loaded dynamically, and are therefore not compiled into the framework manager.

Here is a screenshot of M80 in action, showing some modules loaded:

M80 Framework screenshot

I have released the source under the GNU GPL version 3, and it can be downloaded here. You will need ncurses to compile it. Note that if ncurses has mouse support, M80 will also get mouse support.

For more information, please consult the README file in the archive.

Topic: Open Source, by Kjetil @ 26/10-2007, Article Link