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Compaq Deskpro 386s/20 Capacitor Replacement

While doing some upgrades on a Compaq Deskpro 386s/20 I suddenly noticed that some of the electrolytic capacitors on the mainboard had started to leak, like this:

Example of a leaking capacitor.

These needs to be replaced as soon as possible since the leakage can get corrosive and start destroying other parts of the board. In total there are 15 of these SMD electrolytic capacitors that needs to be replaced:

Overview of all capacitors that need replaced.

All of them are luckily the same value of 10uF 16V, removed here:

All the bad capacitors that were removed.

I used regular radial electrolytic capacitors as replacements, just soldering the legs directly on the pads, like this example:

Example of some capacitor replacements.

While doing the re-capping, I also drilled holes in the Dallas RTC chip and soldered on some wires to an external CR2032 battery holder, mounted with double-sided tape, more easily accessible for later:

Additional fix for the Dallas RTC.

Topic: Repair, by Kjetil @ 24/11-2023, Article Link