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Dual Web Hosting

In order to get a little more exposure and act as a backup of sorts, I will dual host my web pages for a while. In addition to my "regular" location on http://kobolt.website/infocenter/ I will be utilizing https://kobolt.github.io/. This is easy since my pages are basically static content anyways. On the regular location it will still be served by PHP and SQL as before, while on the new location the HTML is already generated into separate pages.

I started on these web pages almost 15 years ago in the summer of 2007. Some of the articles are quite dated, but I will keep them around anyway. One notable example is the "Perl YouTube Fetcher" from 2008 which I am pretty sure stopped working many years ago :-) and we have modern alternatives for. Another one is the "OpenTTD music files in other formats" where OpenTTD has had a lot of improvements and changes during the last decade and more!

Topic: General, by Kjetil @ 15/01-2022, Article Link