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Simple TO-DO Application

I have made yet another curses-based application. This time it's a simple tracker of things to do that are stored in a list, and managed from a terminal user interface.

Entries are actually edited by calling an external text editor (like vim). In order to do this, a temporary file is created. This file contains the editable fields, and the information is read back when the editor is closed. This may be considered unsafe, so think twice about putting sensitive information in, if the application is used in a multi-user environment.

I have released the source under the GNU GPL version 3, and it can be downloaded here. I have managed to compile this application against the PDCurses-3.3 library instead of the more common (n)curses library. This makes it possible to make Windows binaries as well.

Here is a screenshot of a PDCurses (using SDL) compilated version:

Todo application with PDCurses screenshot

(The entries are taken from this guide, in case you're interested.)

Topic: Open Source, by Kjetil @ 29/06-2008, Article Link