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Fujitsu FKB8530 Keyboard Repair

I got hold of a strange looking modular keyboard, the Fujitsu FKB8530, which I wanted to refurbish due to its unique construction. Unfortunately I discovered that it had sustained some kind of liquid damage, which in turn had caused corrosion on the membrane. The result was that some of the keys did not work. Measurements showed that the resistance had gotten too high between some of the points on one of the traces on the membrane.

I was able to repair this by gently scraping of the top layer on the membrane trace with a knife, then applying conductive silver paint (Loctite 3863 Circuit +) on top. I used regular Scotch tape to mask off the relevant area:

Silver paint applied

The keyboard after re-assembly:

Re-assembled keyboard

Topic: Repair, by Kjetil @ 22/09-2021, Article Link