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Amiga 500 Capacitor Replacement

I recently replaced all the electrolytic capacitors on my Commodore Amiga 500. This was originally for troubleshooting and diagnostics purposes, but sometimes it is a good idea anyway because electrolytic capacitors are prone to drying up and become worse over time. I understand that this varies a lot between manufacturers and production batches, so it's not always the case. As for the Amiga 500, there seems to be some dispute.

Anyway, in this process I had to come up with a easy way to track the work while soldering. So I made this "map" with all the capacitors and their values. It might be helpful to others later:

Amiga 500 Capacitor Locations

Note that this is a Amiga 500 revision 5 board, so others might be different.

Topic: Repair, by Kjetil @ 01/05-2020, Article Link