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Hard Drive Test Report

Here's another article on old hardware testing, like the one on floppy drives from before. This time I decided to go through my collection of hard drives test those, again to filter out which ones still work and which ones doesn't. Once again, I have compiled a complete (LaTeX typesetted) report on the test results here. A total of 13 drives were investigated, where 10 were OK and 3 were broken.

There are tests on the following hard drive models in the report:
* Quantum ProDrive ELS
* Quantum ProDrive LPS (x2)
* Seagate ST-1144A
* Seagate ST-1239A
* Seagate ST-157A
* Seagate ST-3096A
* Seagate ST-3144A
* Seagate ST-3195A
* Seagate ST-351AX (x2)
* Conner CFA270A
* Conner CP-3104


Hard drive collection

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