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Battery Leakage Report

I have several old retro PCs lying around. And as explained in detail here, battery leakage is a risk to some of these PCs depending on the type of battery. So I have gone through a total of 13 PCs and removed leaking NiCd and NiMH batteries from 4 of them, which had those. I have compiled a complete report of all the PCs with image collages here.

Information on the following branded PCs can be found in the report (in addition to 4 custom builds):
* Commodore PC 20-III
* Commodore PC 30-III
* IBM PS/ValuePoint 433DX/Si
* Zenith ICL-4434-KT
* NCR System 3330
* Compaq Deskpro 386s/20
* Compaq ProLinea 590
* Brother BCN3386SX/52
* Laser 486DX2-50E

Here is one of the worst cases of damage:

NiCd battery leak

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