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GR-SAKURA Shell Update

I have added two new commands to the GR-SAKURA Shell. One is just a "button" command to print the state of the blue push button, known as SW2. The other "adc" command prints the binary value of the 12-bit A/D converter connected to analog inputs AN0 to AN5.

ADC command:

sakura> adc
AN0: 101111011010
AN1: 110000101110
AN2: 110001111111
AN3: 100000001000
AN4: 000000000001
AN5: 110000110001
sakura> adc
AN0: 101110111011
AN1: 110000000010
AN2: 110001010111
AN3: 110001000001
AN4: 011111000010
AN5: 000000000011

Button command:

sakura> button
sakura> button

Get the source code here or from my GitLab or GitHub pages.

Also consider using my updated instructions on to build the cross compilation toolchain for the Renesas RX CPU.

Topic: Open Source, by Kjetil @ 11/10-2018, Article Link