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GitHub Page and Curses Collection

I've had a GitHub page for quite some time, but never utilized it much. I will upload the code for some of my projects over there as well, to get a little more exposure.

As a starter, I have made a collection/compilation of most of the curses-based tools and utilities that I have created over the years. You'll find it here.

As a bonus, the collection also has a Makefile like this to build everything in one go:

PROGS = cavescroll cgame difftree fileselect invaders mastermind menu playlist scca snake snowcrash storage sudoku

.PHONY: all clean

all clean:
	for PROG in $(PROGS); do \
	  $(MAKE) -C $$PROG $@; \

Topic: General, by Kjetil @ 11/01-2018, Article Link