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100ish Posts

Dear anonymous reader,

It has been 8 years, 1 month and 15 days since I made the first post on this website. That's close to 3000 days ago...

I have made one hundred posts during that time. The article ID found on the link for each post is a little off, because a couple of posts were deleted in the early stages. I have decided not to rectify this, since it would break all the search engine results!

It seems that I have made:
* 60 "Scripts and Code" posts, for smaller projects where code is embedded in the post itself.
* 20 "Open Source" posts, for larger projects where the code is downloadable through a link.
* 16 "Configuration" posts, which are technical but not directly related to code.
* 3 "Mundane" posts, which deal with meatspace topics.
* 1 "General" post, which is actually the first post...

I'm still aiming for 1 post per month, and that can hopefully continue. The main disruptions are caused by lengthy business travels to North America or East Asia.

Topic: General, by Kjetil @ 12/09-2015, Article Link