Kjetil's Information Center: A Blog About My Projects

New website.

Welcome, reader.

The purpose of this website is for me to spread technical information about stuff that I discover or work with. Hopefully this information will be of benefit for you.

I have decided to write in English, to make the content available to everyone. Please correct me if you see any spelling errors, so I can fix it and learn from the failure. :-)

My plan is to write about one or more of the following topics:
* Configuration and application tips/tricks.
* (Useful?) scripts in languages like Perl and Bash.
* Reviews of literature, applications, etc.
* Computer programs that I have made, complete with source code.

I may also write something mundane (Non-technical) topics, if I find it appropriate or useful to inform about.

This website is based on the ideas from the "Uplink Center" located here, which was an experiment.

Technical details about this website:
* All source files was written with the vi editor.
* Content (XHTML) and style (CSS) is completely separated, and therefore validated as "strict" by the W3C.
* There are no HTML tables used, only CSS "div" tags.
* PHP code is used for the front-end.
* Perl/CGI code is used for the back-end.
* A MySQL database stores the articles and comments.

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