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Dual Web Hosting

In order to get a little more exposure and act as a backup of sorts, I will dual host my web pages for a while. In addition to my "regular" location on I will be utilizing This is easy since my pages are basically static content anyways. On the regular location it will still be served by PHP and SQL as before, while on the new location the HTML is already generated into separate pages.

I started on these web pages almost 15 years ago in the summer of 2007. Some of the articles are quite dated, but I will keep them around anyway. One notable example is the "Perl YouTube Fetcher" from 2008 which I am pretty sure stopped working many years ago :-) and we have modern alternatives for. Another one is the "OpenTTD music files in other formats" where OpenTTD has had a lot of improvements and changes during the last decade and more!

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RSS Feed

Moving to external web hosting has made it possible to finally create an RSS feed for this site. Note that the content itself is not part of the feed, only the headers and a corresponding link back to this site.

Link: RSS Feed

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New Web Hosting

After 12 years of hosting this site on a server in my own house I have decided to finally move it to an external web hosting site. Hopefully this will provide better uptime, as it does not rely on my own Internet connection.

Direct Link:

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GitHub Page and Curses Collection

I've had a GitHub page for quite some time, but never utilized it much. I will upload the code for some of my projects over there as well, to get a little more exposure.

As a starter, I have made a collection/compilation of most of the curses-based tools and utilities that I have created over the years. You'll find it here.

As a bonus, the collection also has a Makefile like this to build everything in one go:

PROGS = cavescroll cgame difftree fileselect invaders mastermind menu playlist scca snake snowcrash storage sudoku

.PHONY: all clean

all clean:
	for PROG in $(PROGS); do \
	  $(MAKE) -C $$PROG $@; \

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100ish Posts

Dear anonymous reader,

It has been 8 years, 1 month and 15 days since I made the first post on this website. That's close to 3000 days ago...

I have made one hundred posts during that time. The article ID found on the link for each post is a little off, because a couple of posts were deleted in the early stages. I have decided not to rectify this, since it would break all the search engine results!

It seems that I have made:
* 60 "Scripts and Code" posts, for smaller projects where code is embedded in the post itself.
* 20 "Open Source" posts, for larger projects where the code is downloadable through a link.
* 16 "Configuration" posts, which are technical but not directly related to code.
* 3 "Mundane" posts, which deal with meatspace topics.
* 1 "General" post, which is actually the first post...

I'm still aiming for 1 post per month, and that can hopefully continue. The main disruptions are caused by lengthy business travels to North America or East Asia.

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New website.

Welcome, reader.

The purpose of this website is for me to spread technical information about stuff that I discover or work with. Hopefully this information will be of benefit for you.

I have decided to write in English, to make the content available to everyone. Please correct me if you see any spelling errors, so I can fix it and learn from the failure. :-)

My plan is to write about one or more of the following topics:
* Configuration and application tips/tricks.
* (Useful?) scripts in languages like Perl and Bash.
* Reviews of literature, applications, etc.
* Computer programs that I have made, complete with source code.

I may also write something mundane (Non-technical) topics, if I find it appropriate or useful to inform about.

This website is based on the ideas from the "Uplink Center" located here, which was an experiment.

Technical details about this website:
* All source files was written with the vi editor.
* Content (XHTML) and style (CSS) is completely separated, and therefore validated as "strict" by the W3C.
* There are no HTML tables used, only CSS "div" tags.
* PHP code is used for the front-end.
* Perl/CGI code is used for the back-end.
* A MySQL database stores the articles and comments.

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